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The following photos are from the construction process of Curiango, taken from 2005 to 2010.
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The mockup made in the year of 2005, scale of 1/5. At that time this was the "3D model" made with your own hands, files, glue and "a lot of eye", since softwares like Solidworks and Blender were things you wouldn't even hear about

Template in wood, made in the back of the house we lived in in Tupã / SP. On the photo above you can see the beginning of the placement of the fuselage's styrofoam plates.

Styrofoam model to simulate the dimensions of the engine that would be put in the aircraft in the future. 

Simulating the position of the pedals with a shoe!


Making the measurements and checking internal space.

Beginning of molding of the tail section.

Molding the canopy.

On this photo and in the ones below you can see the fuselage completely molded, and also the trials of the positioning of the wing.

Again checking internal space of the cabin.

The most symbolic photo.

Trial of the wings positioning.

Tail section.

Horizontal stabilizer and elevators.

Lamination of the vertical stabilizer.

Carry-through spars, made out of solid wood blocks.

Lamination of the fuselage.


Mockup of the engine placed so the hood/nose could be made.

Modeling the nose.

Ready for the hood to be laminated.

At this stage of the construction you could already see an airplane: laminated fuselage, molds of the canopy and hood, and landing gear in place for a few moments.

Confection of the 40 liters each fuel tanks.

Closing the wings.

Flap in place.

Curiango's fiber "hat"! Pilots know how much a head can "fry" in a low-wing aircraft with no superior protection.

Acrylic in place!

Inside: the panel, with no instruments yet, the pedals and lever of the flaps already in place.

The heart. An injected VW 2300, 100HP. The three blade propeller with which the first few tests were made, later being replaced for showing signs of stress. 

Engine in place! Almost there!

Engine, hood and spinner in place.

Ready to be painted...

Rudder detail 

2010. And there is the bird! Airplane finished, dream becomes true. It was a great journey!

First flight:

Read the full story with details here: The History

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