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Curiango Aeromodels

Photos of some of the Curiango aeromodels built over time. All designed, engineered and built by Elvis. He built aeromodels from 1976 to about 2006, when he started working with Ultralight Airplanes.

The very first Curiango aeromodel, built in 1982, in Ijuí/RS - Brazil.

Built between the years of 1988-1990, possibly in Cruz Alta/RS - Brazil. The curiosity is that, besides being one of the first manufactured Curiangos, this aeromodel still exists and is home with us!

In Santa Maria/RS - Brazil. In the background you can see a Cessna airplane.

1990's. São Leopoldo/RS - Brazil.

1990's. São Leopoldo/RS - Brazil.

1990's. São Leopoldo/RS - Brazil.

At an event, in Gaspar/SC - Brazil.

With Mr. Albert Tuttle, in Tupã/SP - Brazil.

Curiangos and its respective owners. Alvorada/RS - Brazil. Click to enlarge.

The only photo we have of the Curiango Starship. The aeromodel that looked the most like the actual airplane. It was manufactured at the extinct aeromodel factory Prince, and exported to the United States.

These were some of the aeromodels built by Elvis. Some of them still exist, with their respective owners.